Unique Flavors, Simple Elegance – No Need to Travel South

Finding new culinary experiences used to mean a flight to far-off destinations – but no longer! Now, you can get unique flavors and simple elegance without having to leave your city.

Take Portland’s new eatery, Indigo Kitchen, as an example. What used to be just another café has been transformed into a destination for all things delicious. From their toasted goat cheese on toast with charred onion jam to their mushroom spaghetti with cilantro pesto, everything here is a work of art. Local produce is sourced from only the most trusted farmers, giving them unparalleled access to some of the best flavors around.

They’ve even taken traditional Southern dishes and given them a reboot. For example, their cornbread is soaked in honey butter and sprinkled with bacon for a salty-sweet experience that’s sure to please any palate. It pairs perfectly with their shrimp n’ grits dish, which is made from heavy cream, stone-ground grits, poblano peppers and Tasso ham – a traditional Southern ingredient.

The atmosphere is equally as inspired as the food. White linen tablecloths give a touch of luxurious comfort while rustic light fixtures take you back in time. Not to mention their large selection of craft beers and unique cocktail – plus live music on some nights – make Indigo Kitchen truly one of downtown Portland’s gems.

It’s amazing what can be achieved without having to travel south. Especially when it comes to Indigo Kitchen’s unique flavors and simple elegance. Bon Appétit!

Travelling doesn’t always have to be necessary to get a taste of delectable southern flavors. With the right ingredients and simple cooking techniques, unique flavors can be created in the comfort of your own kitchen. The vibrant colors, tantalizing aromas, and rich textures of classic southern dishes can become part of your homemade meals with ease.

A popular option is to create meals that feature classic barbeque flavors like tender pulled pork, juicy beef brisket, and smoky ribs. Start by marinating your choice of protein with a blend of sauces that include spicy mustard-based BBQ sauce, apple cider vinegar, molasses, and brown sugar. Then create a flavorful rub using ingredients like ancho chili powder, cumin, onion powder, smoked paprika and black pepper. Using the sauces and rub combined with your preferred cooking method like smoker barbecue or slow cooker barbeque will help you achieve classic BBQ flavor without the hassle of having to travel.

You can take advantage of local seasonal produce to recreate southern classics as well. Such dishes would be gumbo featuring okra cooked in a brothy roux or cornbread made from creamy stoneground grits for a little southern comfort. Traditional sides like collard greens simmered in bacon fat with fragrant garlic can also add savory flavors to any meal.

Bring these unique flavors into your home by getting creative in the kitchen. Once you gather all the necessary ingredients, let your imagination run free as you combine them in different ways for original dishes that closely echo those savory Southern flavors without even having to leave home.